Mayberry  My Home Town

Come stroll with me for a while the streets of my home town, Mount Airy.  Now plan not to be in any hurry, you might end up spending the whole day here.  First let's stop in the museum.  A lot of mighty fine history and exhibits on display in there.  Now next as we stroll on down Main Street we'll have to stop in the hardware store and chat with the guys there in Holcombs Hardware Store.  If it's a little cool we might want to back up to that pot bellied stove over behind the key cutting counter and warm our behinds while we hear country philosophy.   After a while we'll ease on down to the big clock on the corner of Main and Moore.  From here we can practically see the whole town.  It'll be nice and quiet on a Saturday Morning.  Next we'll cross Moore Avenue. and, oh yes, we might see Mr. Reese sweeping the sidewalk and putting up the flag in front of his clothing store.  Its going to take at least twenty minutes, he'll just have to tell us at least one of his local history stories.  But it's worth it.  By about this time we should be able to hear the faint sound of music coming from on down the street at the Downtown Cinema, pride and joy of the Arts Council.  Each Saturday morning they turn it into a stage for local Bluegrass and Old Time Music Bands to gather for a  jam session.  We'll slip in and sit for a spell and listen to the music.  It's free and pretty good too.  By about eleven thirty when we come back out on the sidewalk we'll smell something that'll make us mighty hungry.   That'll be those pork chops and hamburgers frying across the street at the Snappy Lunch.  A pork chop sandwich, now that's a real treat.  If we hurry we might get a seat, but if we don't, we'll just stand up and eat.  That'll be something you won't forget.  Might even want to take one home with you.  We'll walk on down the street and round the corner on to Rockford Street to the Andy Griffith Playhouse.  There's the statue of Andy and Opie, looks mighty natural.  While we are there we might want to peep into the little musuem they have there and get the ladies to show us all the Andy Griffith stuff they have hanging on the walls and laying in cases and just all over the place.  Even got Andy's suit from that Matlock Show. We'll  keep on strolling for a while but I wouldn't want to bore you just talking about it. I think you get the picture.  Anyway this is my home town  MAYBERRY,  Mount Airy North Carolina.  Thanks for visiting.      

 The corner of Main & Moore 

Looking South on Main

You Can Always Find it in Holcomb Hardware

Or Maybe it's Out Front

Snappy Lunch - Pork Chop Sandwich Headquarters

Down Town Cinema- $5.00 Movies and Free Music


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